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The story of Kavalari

Kavalari  is located in the northernmost part of the Kilkis suburb. At the foot of the Kerkini Mountains (Belles), just below the summit of three countries, Greece, Skopje and Bulgaria, the triennial. In a verdant oak area outside the settlement of Kavalari village.
Where the village school used to be, (built at the expense of the Athens College since 1964) and the voices of the children of the village who were then bursting with life were heard.

At the end of 1980, now desolate, for the sake of the residents' escape to the city, there was a lush and abandoned wildlife in the wild.
Now he is alive again. The voices of the children are heard again. But this time around scouts.
Launched in May 1991. The centre has been operating and hosting scouts from all over the world .
In June 2001, the construction of the new campground on an area of ​​about ten acres was allotted to us by the Ministry of Agriculture. A building of 200 sq.m. multi-purpose and three others of 60 sq.m. autonomous and independent. All fully equipped.

"Kavalari  was really great. Perfectly equipped in nature !!! No words to describe .... Thanks so much for this experience"

From the impression book 

“Little Gilwell.

Undoubtedly the best scout center in GREECE."

"Kavalari fully compensates for the kilometers and any hassle it took to get here, picturesque and impeccable. One of the best Greek scout Centers."

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