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Kilkis War Museum

The Kilkis Military Museum is probably the oldest museum since it was established by the Army General Staff, having been in operation since 1966. It is located 1 km from the city, on the hill that killed Kilkis (19-21 June 1913). between the Greek and Bulgarian armies during the Second Balkan War and which, together with that of Lachana, judged the outcome of the war in favor of Greece. In the same place there is a Hero of the fall of battle and busts of heroic officers. The museum was renovated in 1987 and expanded in 1996 to expand its showrooms.

The most important exhibits are the flags of the war formations (divisions and constitutions) that took part in the Balkan Wars and the personal belongings of Colonel Antonios Campani, who fell in battle. His sword and binoculars, among other things, are also struck by the same deadly shells that he found. Also displayed are weapons (rifles, rifles, handguns, pistols, mortars), medals and decorations of the Greek and Bulgarian armies and uniforms of Greek soldiers and officers of 1913 and various personal belongings of fallen fighters. Finally there are paintings, lithographs and photographs of the movements of the Greek army. The visitor can watch the evolution of the battle through the museum's audiovisual system. In the courtyard of the museum, as well as in Heros, mountaineering and lowland firearms used in the Battle of Kilkis are on display.

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