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Hiking / mountaineering in Belles

The 4 seasons of a magical mountain

With ridges lurking in the clouds, foothills resting on two lakes Kerkini and Doirani slopes adorned with forests and villages, this mountain of Macedonia finds its best time in the fall


Mount Beles extends west to east, beginning with low soft curves on the shores of Lake Doiran and ending on Strymon's River at the straits of Koula, separating it from Mount Angistro (including Fort Rupel). east, from Mount Orvilos.


Its length is approximately 50 kilometers. Its rock formations, crystalline, form beautiful slopes that water them with abundant streams. Its highest peak reaches 2,031 m (anonymous). The New Triennial where the borders of Greece, Skopje and Bulgaria from World War I are 1,883 m high and the Eastbin peak is 1,339 m.


There are many hiking and hiking routes, some of them.

Kavalari (244m) - Old Triennes (1474m)

Mouries - Kavalari - Guardian Landfill

Kavalari (244m) - Waterfall (725m)

SS Mourion - Camps (418m) - Waterfall (725m)

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