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Lake Doirani

On its banks there are peaceful villages, beautiful forests, captivating landscapes; a place unique and original waiting to be discovered by the visitor.

Lake Doirani is located on the Greek-FYROM borders, with an area of ​​42.8 sq km of which 15.6 square kilometers belong to Greece. 


The small streams that drain into the lake form its main source of water. 19 species of fish live in the lake, such as carps, scheiders, gobies, crusian carps, eels, painted combers, and a significant number of birds such coots, snipes, various species of ducks, grebes and grey herons. In the village of Doirani, on the shore of the lake, visitors can now find fishing facilities all year round. 


The monument in commemoration of the Battle of Doirani dominates the visitors, but there are many other attractions. The municipality of Doirani, in collaboration with the Goulandris Museum, created the Museum of Lake Doirani, which is housed in a new building next to the lake. The beach of the lake is planted with trees and there are playgrounds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer courts and other facilities for visitors. 

In the village of Doirani there are operating customs, an EOT office and currency exchange. One can also find bars and picturesque taverns that offer snacks and delicious carp.

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